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The island of Rab is part of arhipelago which is locate in the Kvarner Bay of Adriatic Sea in the northern part of Croatia. Beside the little town with the same name as the Island there are seven other idyllic places which are situated in different corners of the island: Barbat, Banjol, Palit, Kampor, Mundanije, Supetarska Draga and Lopar. There are appoximately 9000 inhabitans who live mostly by agriculture, fishing, shipbuilding and tourism.Our tradition of organized tourism is more than 110 years old due to the formation of the "Sociaty for improvement of the city and its surroundings" which was founded in 1889.

The arguments for the development of tourism on the island were then and they are still today the following ones : pleasent climate, healing influence of the island air on the illnesses of respiarotory system and heart diseases. Such along tradition of high quality services, which are offered to You, is not only result of skills, experiance and hospitality of Your hosts, which inherited this knowledge from their ancetors and further enriched it, but also of formation of the "Tourist School" which is nowadays highly valued and we are all very proud of it.The traditional hospitality and polyglot abilities of the people from Rab is going to make You sneak into one of the most typical families of the island of Rab and in a little while You will feel as real "born" inhabitans of Rab We hope that this web-site will encourage You to think about Rab to be Your next holiday destination and that we shall have the honour to be Your hosts and to give You everything You expect us to do.Welcome to the island of Rab